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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Stop on by! Lots of good stuff! I MIGHT (if I get SUPER ambitious) have pics of some of my goods tomorrow! :)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BIRTHDAY - Mikey BABY turns FOUR! I cannot even believe it. My sweet little wide-eyed, funny man is four years old. His party isn't until Sunday ("5 more sleeps!" as he puts it) but as I did for Will's birthday, I will post in his honor!

Four facts about my four year old boy...

1. He is a MAD-MAN on a razor scooter...he jumps and flips and wheelies and does all those other "boy things"...and scares the crap out of me with it on a daily basis!

2. He loves to cook. Sometimes he'd rather watch a cooking show than cartoons. One of his very favorite toys is his "real oven" (Easy Bake). I have no doubt he will be a fantastic cook, like his Uncle Brandon and his Grandpa Scott when he grows up.

3. For the third year running, Mikey has asked for a Monkey Birthday Cake, so I'm on the lookout for a new recipe and new way to decorate it. Mikey has loved monkeys since he was little and still, EVERY NIGHT, sleeps with his "Monkey Friend".

4. This little boy is so full of life and personality that he draws people into his world. He's funny and charismatic and I have every confidence in the world that he is going to grow up to change the world...he's just "that kind" of kid.

Mikey, you make my day. I love you Mooska. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

love, Momma

My baby, so long ago...

And recently...

Friday, May 22, 2009


I've got a crockpot full of my FAMOUS chili and a crockpot full of sloppy joes...chips and dip, sandwich stuff, drinks and fruit and homemade blueberry muffins! We are READY for camping and riding but most importantly RELAXATION!

I cannot wait...because seriously...I need the break.

Back Monday with some new stuff and probably some camping pics!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ahhh, so it goes.

So, Luc's first race experience was not the great time we hoped for. He made it halfway through practice before coming off the track in tears...he'd fallen at least 10 times by then and was so frustrated with everything, he didn't know what else to do but cry.

Every time I think of the look on his face when I finally helped him make his way off the track, I want to cry myself. It breaks my heart that his first experience was not even remotely fun for him.

He had a great time on the drive up, and LOVED camping the night before and seeing all the kids. He was SO excited to sign up and get his practice bracelet. He went to bed like a very good boy and got to watch some Nitro Circus on the DVD player...this kid thought he was in heaven.

Then it rained.

Rained turned that primed track into mud...fine for the big bikes and even for small bikes with experienced riders. But Luc didn't realize (and I still don't think he understands) that if he would've just gone a LITTLE BIT faster, he would've faired much better. He was tentative about the slippery mud, and wasn't getting on the gas and got stuck and fell over and over and over.

SO, now we go back to two weeks of practicing, and then we'll try a Friday night race at Chilton and see how he does there.

I'm really letting all of this bother me...not sure why. I just wanted him to have a great experience and he really didn't. Just makes me sad for him. :(

That's all for now, I guess.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amberg Track, Wisconsin MX Photography

Ahhh...Long time, no see!!

We've been so busy with the guys almost daily riding/practice schedule! It's Luc's first year on a bike and he's been learning so much, so fast! We're very proud! He's just about race ready...couple more weeks and he's going to be ready to rock!

Will a couple pics tide you over until life calms down for us?!?!?!

Luc catchin' air, his FIRST TIME on the track!

Me and the buddies, enjoying the beautiful day in Amberg

Cornering like a pro...

Up he goes...

And for fun...Luc BEGGED to try my "CRAMMA" (his pronunciation of camera) I let him snap a few...he got this one of me! Not too shabby! He learned A LOT that day!

Until next time...xoxo